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DIY: Rear Sway Bar (H&R 24mm)

There wasnt a complete one, i put one in on the weekend for a fun run. I decided to go with H&R due to the teflon coating.

the difference is night and day. best mod for the money in the suspension department.

Tools needed:

Triple Square:

-Socket Wrench
-1/2 (13mm)

Hand Wrench:(just for tight squeezes)

-Flat Head

FIRST: Jack up the car and carefully secure jackstands and the jack points on the chassis of the vehicle.

If you dont have any triple square sockets, you can go to the local autozone, i bought this set for use with a 1/2 socket. $13.00

This is where the 16mm socket comes in, do the same for both sides.

This is where the m10 Triple Square come in. You can use an extension, over the lower control arm to make it easier. be careful not to strip the bolt. (where the spring sits)

this is where the 1/2 hand wrench came in handy. you can see where the extension can be run through just a little over the lower control arm.

For the H&R there are no new brackets provided. you can use the flat head screw driver to pry off the brackets from the stock bushings. and just slide them over the new bar.

Just slide it right over the Teflon bushing.

A comparison with the new rear sway bar ready to go on, compared to stock.

place the bolt for the endlink in through the new rear sway bar hole (I went for full stiffness) and use the m6 Triple Square along with a 16mm hand wrench to tighten it. (one going counter clock-wise, one going clock-wise)

Now at this point, just repeat at putting the bushings on with the m10 triple square and the extension as well for max use.

please do not over tighten any of the bolts, on other rear sway i think it was 30-35lbs of pressure i believe.

then lower the car, and have fun. =)

the difference is pretty damn noticable, what i did was take a nice turn to find out what the max speed i could take a turn was then took it with the
sway bar and i had an increase of 10mph into the turn, everything MUCH more solid.


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